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My background and expertise

Around ten years ago my own experiences of the benefits of mindfulness practice and the meaning-centered life philosophy of logotherapy guided me to take up training as a logotherapist and a mindfulness MBSR Instructor.

I am motivated by my own life experience and the desire to convey what I have learned and experienced. The most rewarding thing in my work is that I get to share the unique moments of realization when my client’s perspective becomes wider, a burden they carry or something shadowing their life becomes lighter or a spark of inspiration is awakened.

It is great to hear from clients how meaningful support mindfulness and logotherapy can offer in life’s small and larger questions especially in situations that have to do with life choices or transitions.

My background consists of over 20 years of experience working in a variety of fields including positions that focused on customer service, sales, communications and coordination in travel, continuing education and running my own business.
In addition I have experience of guiding special groups and I volunteer in organizations that are close to my heart.

You can find more information on LinkedIn.

You can find more information on LinkedIn.

I will be happy to tell you more, please contact me at:


I offer private guidance sessions as well as courses and events for groups and communities:

  • Logotherapeutic consultation on finding meaning, motivation and new directions in various life situations and changes.
  • Guidance on mindfulness and stress reduction, Asahi Health and Seasonal Yoga

The principles of my guidance: a holistic view of human nature

Practicing mindfulness and logotherapy are based on a comprehensive holistic view of human nature. Here humans are seen as a unique physical, psychosocial and mental whole. The goal is to recognize, strengthen and support the mental capacity of an individual through this view.

Awareness and responsible choices

Through being aware and recognition new perspectives and opportunities open up in life. Awakening to an awareness of our own responsibility and freedom increases the ability to make appropriate and conscious choices both in everyday life and in larger challenges that we face in life. Meaningful and content life is based on fulfilling our own core values or in other words living them into reality through our choices.

Acceptance, opening up

When we are not able to affect the circumstances in our life, an illness, an event or a twist of fate, we still always have the option of choosing our own reaction.
With conscious acceptance we can orientate again, search for and recognize new strengths, open up to finding new ways and meanings in our life.